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Carole Valentine - Light *PIC*

Mike Cunningham (Cape May NJ)
>Here's a photo of the light that you asked about. It's been on sale at Enco for several months, I bought mine in September and have used it since with nothing negative. It's a low voltage halogen with the transformer located in the base. Unlike others that I've used, this throws no heat, though it does project a goodly amount of light onto the workpiece, a great aid for "gettin' old eyes". You can see the base that you inquired about. The unit is well built (mostly metal) and as you can see in the photo it stays put when placed in position, without further adjustments or tightening, it does have tightening adjustment at each elbow. I drilled and tapped the headstock and mounted using four machine screws though I'm sure you could accomplish the same using 4 goodly sized rare earth magnets. For reference as to extension, that's a shortbed VL300 and a 17" bowl.

As I recall I paid around $85 and feel it was well worth it.


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