Turning Archive 2007

Greetings and Happy Holidays to All ! *PIC*

Brad Vietje
>Hi All,

I've been away from this forum waaaaay too long -- I didn't know the format had changed -- looks real nice!

Since about February I've been too busy to do much turning, having started a new career in the solar and renewable energy field, and being too busy getting a new business started. I went from being a regular in the top 10 contributers list to nearly non-existent. I used to turn about 30 hours a week -- since last January I've gotten to finish a project or two, but have only turned about a dozen times.

I miss my turning time, and all the great folks I got to know through turning forums and demonstrating at local and regional events. I hope to do a little turning for Christmas, and maybe I'll be able to carve out some regular lathe time after the next transition at work, coming in mid-February.

I hope to be back here often one day soon -- for now I'll pass on my most sincere best wishes to all from up in the snowy northeast, and safe travels during the busy holiday season.

Here's what I do these days...

Safe spinning,

Brad Vietje
Newbury, VT

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