Turning Archive 2007

Ornament hollowing tool.... *PIC*

Mike Stafford
>Until very recently I have never hollowed an ornament and had no intentions of doing so until I attended a demo with Dick Sing at the NC Woodturning Symposium. I had the opportunity to examine the tools he used in his ornament demo and actually took some pictures for future reference. In August I am going to take a class and hopefully assist Ed Moore at John C. Campbell Folk School which Ed calls "Ornaments and Boxes".

So to prepare for the course I thought it might be a good idea to try some ornament turning.

When I was watching Dick Sing he used a 1/4" square round nose scraper for a lot of the dirty work on the inside. I had some bar stock and made myself a similar tool. It worked like a charm. Then to finish the inside curves he made a hook nosed tool from an Allen wrench.

I was looking around the shop for a suitable substitute and found this old 1/4" sash mortise chisel that I bought a thousand years ago for some reason. I think it was on sale or being discontinued. Anyway it looked like it could be converted to a swan neck hollowing scraper. Here is what I did with it. It works like a charm and takes a fine edge with a diamond paddle.

Ya'll can laugh and the folks on the Neanderthal forum will probably call it sacrilegious. But it cuts beautifully. Comments appreciated.

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