Turning Archive 2007


JohnKJordan in East TN
>How's mahogany for turning?

I've got a beam of mahogany that's been indoors in use as a mantel since the early '70s. This piece is 8" x 9.5" x 96", about 50 board ft.

I'm not sure the type of mahogany but it doesn't seem to be as heavy as what is labeled as african mahogany at the local woodcraft store. Cut with a sharp knife shows a smooth, fine-grained surface. It cuts easily, would probably be wonderful for carving. Under the microscope the rays are distinctive, quite wide on the radial surface. Pores are one-wide between rays, often doubled, many tyloses. Color is red-brown. From various photos it appears closest to Honduras/American/Genuine mahogany.

I'm trying to decide what to do with it - saw it for lumber, cut some turning stock. I know the various mahoganies are widely used for furniture making. How is it for turning? It would make a lot of 8" or 9" turning blocks.


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