Turning Archive 2007

A Change is Coming....

Wally Dickerman in Arizona
>My good friend, my Nichols "lefty" lathe is going to leave me. I've placed an order with Oneway for a 2416 lathe, complete with an outboard bed for "lefty" turning. When I purchased my Nichols 12 years ago, I had a large shop, 20 x 40, and had a General 260 lathe. When we moved to Arizona 10 years ago, I downsized to a very small shop with no room for 2 lathes, so I sold the General. I used to give one on one lessons, using the General. Since moving to Arizona I haven't been able to do that because my Nichols is a left handed bowl lathe. I do teach classes at our community woodshop and at the local Woodcraft, although I've notified Woodcraft that I won't be teaching there anymore.

I still get an occasional inquiry about teaching in my shop. I plan to start doing that again on a limited basis with my new Oneway. In fact, I've already booked 2 people without even trying.

My new "friend" will be delivered in mid January and I'm looking forward to that. Meanwhile, I have a Nichols lefty lathe to sell. I do have one interested person.

I've been asked why I'm getting a shortbed instead of a 2436 longbed lathe. First, my 2 butt shop doesn't have room for a longbed with an outboard bed. Second, I really don't have a need for a longbed. I've been getting along very well with a shortbed bowl lathe ever since I sold the General.


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