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Quick help for Christmas stuff

Carol - now in NC Nebraska
>I am planning to make some salt/pepper mills, perfume vials, and letter openers for gifts.

I need advise about the mandrel for the letter openers and perfume vial.

I downloaded and printed off the instruction from the Craft Supplies web site. Will their No. 2 MT Adjustable Pen Mandrel be the right thing to use?

And will spade bits work for the larger holes?

I've not drill holes on the lathe before. I will be back with lots more questions.

I am ordering (after input from you all) the deluxe pepper and salt mill mechanisms and the Gold Americana letter opener. I already have the perfume vials (from Indy Fest - thanks for the freebies!).

What else do I need? I am busier than a one-armed paper hanger this week, so I have time to wait for the order. Next week I have to get cracking as one set has to go in the mail.

It is colder than a well digger's fanny and I have to plan for garage heat up time as well. Those two heaters I got from Mike do a wonderful job. Thanks Mike.

I appreciate your help. I'd like to get everything I need in one fell swoop.

Thanks, folks. You are the greatest!

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