Turning Archive 2007

hollowing scene

Chip in Plano
>Today, I practiced the ballet of hollowing but along came a critic. Visualize a 8x4x4 piece of Texas walnut chucked in my Nova. Because it's 8" long, the bowl steady rig is setup to give it lateral support. I've already drilled a 1/2 hole to a deep depth. I'm going at it end grain using my captive Monster Hollowing rig with my laser pointer set for about 3/8". I'm so deep, I'm holding a halogen pocket flashlight because the flexible lamp's shade interrupts my line of sight. I'm running at about 650rpm,4 baby blue wheels spinning, slicing with every pass under total control hunched over the very end of my lathe squeezed in between the wall and my drill press. My laser is slipping between the spinning wheels and casting it's red spot on the spinning walnut. The radio is jamming alternating between rock oldies and Christmas music. I'm singing along poorly but blissfully.....

In comes the 13yr old daughter and she stands there with her jaw open staring at me. Out of her mouth comes..'Dad! That is the freakiest scene I've seen. Please tell me you won't be doing that when my friends come over.'

Hmmm....her college fund could buy several big ole Oneways or American Beauties.... " :-)

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