Turning Archive 2007

Two skew chisel questions

>I've been practicing using a skew after watching Alan Lacer's DVD's, and I'm pretty happy learning to use a skew chisel. It's a lot easier than I thought. But I found that there are some things that I am doing that are different from what I see in the videos, and I was wondering if I am doing something wrong.

First, Alan Lacer seems to do all cuts with his right hand on the handle, and his left on the blade of the skew chisel and on the tool rest. I find that for making cuts going from right to left this seems to be very comfortable, but instead of repositioning my body to make a left to right cut, I find it easier just to switch hands so that my left hand is on the handle and my right is on the blade and tool rest. Does anyone else switch hands when switching directions?

Second, the video teaches making a V-cut with the long point of the skew, and making rolling cuts for making a bead with the short point. I actually find it easier to roll a bead with the long point. My thought is that a rolling cut is just a V cut in an arc. Maybe the short end of my skew just needs to be sharper. But does anyone else make a rolling cut using the long point of the skew?

In any case, Alan Lacer's two skew chisel DVD's are just great.

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