Turning Archive 2007

Tree Concerns (not OT but not turning)

Ruth Niles
>There was a huge thread on the AAW forum due to the article in the Journal regarding the deforestation of the Rain Forest and endangered exotic woods. ***please note: this is NOT a request for a repeat of everything said on the AAW forum! :~/

Gary Evans tells us the Dogwood are suffering a mold infection, cause unknown, could be some bug got a free ride on an imported piece of wood. Yes, he is just guess there is NO fact there.

We have the invasion and complete devastion of trees by the Gypsy moths here in the northeastern shores of the USA. YES, this is a bug some scientist brought to this country for some research or experiment. He should be hung at high noon!

The Chestnut had a blight, what 50 years ago?, which virtually wiped them out.

Are there enough trees on this planet that this need not concern me? Are enough trees being replanted so we don't have to worry? I'm not concerned that we'll run out of wood to turn, I guess I'm just thinking out loud.

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