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Training bar for a Hunter tool? *PIC*

Eddie Pacheco; San Jose, Ca.
>I made some time, the past few days, to do some turning on some wet and dry wood chunks that I have. I used the Hunter #3 mounted to my former Termite handle on most of the pieces. On a piece of wet wood, that I was using the tool for spindle type turning, I got the Hunter cutter flat as it approached the wood and it's aggressive cutting action provided a self feed, into the wood, until past the c/l of the cutter and then BAMM! a nasty catch. It happened fast. I have also done this mistake on end grain work and the result is also a launched bowl.
Today I drilled a piece of bar stock and created this hefty outrigger to help me control the tool. It worked out well for me and I was able to try different angles of approach on both endgrain and spindle type cutting. I even used the little #3 for roughing inside and outside a small bowl blank. I was able to take heavy cuts all the while keeping the cutter angled to the wood. This setup is a little awkward to use, but for a quick fix it worked well. I just thought I would post this now to give others a helpful hint.
I think these Hunter tools would work really great on an NC type woodworking lathe, if they aren't already used by the industry.

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Training bar for a Hunter tool? *PIC*
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That was my problem, John.
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