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*** New E-mail Policy***

Ellis Walentine
>Howdy, folks. There has been a lot of discussion in the past couple days about the vulnerabilities of our e-mail display mode, which allows other visitors to view and/or "harvest" the e-mail address you put into your message posts. We've discussed this in the past and the consensus has always been to leave the e-mails visible, but I think it is probably time for a change. Today I have reconfigured the messageboards to show only a blind link to someone's e-mail address. You can still e-mail that person, but it will be through a form that makes the process blind to your mail program. This is accepted Internet practice, so I'm not feeling too conflicted by this change.

What you need to keep in mind is that if you are using a decoy e-mail address (e.g., joeblowNOSPAM@yourisp.com) to thwart spam bots, you can now use your actual address with the knowledge that it will be safely hidden from intruders and harvesters. If you don't use your real address, other visitors and/or moderators will not be able to send you an e-mail from our forum.

One of the reasons we didn't adopt this regime earlier is the potential for abuse on a forum like ours that doesn't require visitors to register. We're now reconsidering the registration decision as well as we move ahead with our ambitious program of new initiatives that you will be seeing more and more of in coming weeks.

I hope you support the decision to go to blind e-mail display. If not, hit the suggestion box again. I really enjoy getting your excellent and candid feedback. All I ask is that you be constructive with your criticism. We're working round the clock here to create the most stable, intelligent, friendly environment for discussion we possibly can. Thanks!

Ellis Walentine, Host

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