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another stuck faceplate

Steven Kubien
>Evening everybody,

Many of us are familiar with the tales of Ruth, the General and the former pipe wrench. Well, I'm in a similar situation and wanted to get some clearance before I go neanderthal on it.....

My lathe is a Nova 1624 and I cannot access the spindle quite as easily as Ruth did (pictures looked like the top cover was simply removed). I should also point out that the faceplate is not all of the way on the spindle. It went about halfway on, jammed and now I can't get it off.

Do I go with Ruth's techinque of icing the spindle (remember, I can't get at it), heating the faceplate and then using a monster wrench or is there something someone can recommend specific to a Nova 1624? Obviously I don't want to damage the lathe but I would really like to turn some stuff before Christmas.

Thanks in advance.

Steve Kubien
Ajax, Ontario

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