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what color is dogwood, really?

GaryG in MD
>I have various pieces of what I believe to be dogwood. I'm pretty careful about labeling and use "unknown" if I'm not sure. Most, if not all, of the dogwood I have stashed comes from my own yard! Having said all that, I'm now confused.

I have turned three things from my "dogwood", and each piece is a different color!

*I made a tool handle from a branch, and it's very light and sort of like maple, except it's a little bit on the pink side.

*I turned a small "double-bullseye" bowl/cup from a section of a larger branch, and both the heart wood and sap wood look more like unfinished cherry in color (I'm just trying to give a quick, rough indication of the color, it's not cherry!).

* I turned a shallow "Y" bowl from a small crotch, and it's a lovely, rich brown color.

What's going on here? Can dogwood be different colors depending on...? Can it get some kind of rot or fungus that makes it get dark?

Dogwood is very tight grained and turns like a dream. I have more, but I'd like to have an expectation of what color it's going to be.


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