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Wood Central Secret Santa - late but alive

Pat Riley
>Its time to sign up!

In past years Ernie Miller has devoted a great deal of time, love and energy into organizing some great holiday fun for those of us who interact here at WoodCentral. Unfortunately, Ernie can't do that for us again this year.

I know I am not alone in feeling that this is a great tradition, and have had a great deal of fun participating the last two years. I emailed Ernie, and in an effort to keep this tradition alive, am volunteering to organize the Secret Santa festivities this year.

It is late in the season, so we will have to hurry. If we get as few as 10 people who are interested, we will move forward. Last year we had almost 60 people involved so I hope we can come close to that.

Here are the rules for anyone not familiar with them:

1. To sign up, email me at shopdog@gmail.com by Dec. 4th with the following information:

- Name

- Address

- Woodworking focus - Power tools, turning, or handtools.

2. You will be sent an email telling you the Name and address of the person you are to prepare a Secret Santa gift for. Each gift should have a value of approximately $20.00 - a great deal of the gifts in years past have been hand made.

3. Due to our late start, send your gift as soon as possible. If you can, send it anonymously as 'Secret Santa'.

4. When you get a gift, try not to look at the return address, and attempt to guess your Secret Santa as well as tell everyone else what you have received. All guessing, gloating, bragging and announcing will be done in a large email chain. Every thing is conducted off the boards in emails in order to keep things from getting too cluttered. The emails make this game as much fun as the gifts themselves.

I will send out the names starting the night of Dec. 4th. Since it is so late in the year, please move as fast as you can to send me your info and to send out your gifts.

When you send in your info, please also add any questions, ideas or suggestions that you may have. I myself was wondering if next year we might have a $5 donation to WoodCentral in order to sign up.

Hopefully we can make this happen and have some fun.

Happy Holidays.

Pat Riley

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