Turning Archive 2007

Big Thanks from Small Turner-Long

Don Orr
>Id like to thank a couple of well known turners for sharing their knowledge and skills with me. A bit of background-I was turning a natural edge Magnolia crotch bowl last night. It came out reasonably well, but I had some trouble along the way. This is where the generosity of turners came into play. I spent a couple of days with Bill Grumbine recently at a nearby club. Had a great time. For the hands-on day, I chose to work on natural edge bowls. I showed Bill a couple of bowls I had done and the problems I was having. He showed me some techniques he uses and it helped me a lot. Thanks Bill ! I used these techniques to work on this bowl and it made quite a difference. That is until I got it too thin and tried to go back up to the rim which now flexed all over the place. Now I had terrible ridges and grooves all over and it was still wet and very flexible. What to do? I remembered a demo by Clay Foster a few years ago at Totally Turning in Albany, NY where he showed how using a card scraper on a bowl or vessel can help get rid of torn end grain. I tried this technique on my bowl and it worked great ! Thanks Clay! I used a curved scraper on the inside and a straight scraper on the outside. Outstanding results. I still need to sand the bowl after it dries but it looks pretty good already.

So thanks very much Bill and Clay! I do pay attention and sometimes I actually remember. And thanks to all the other turners from which I have learned so much, many of whom are on this board!

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