Turning Archive 2007

Stupid pen turning glue questions

>Actually, I'm not turning a pen, but I would like to turn a small ornament that uses the brass tube/mandrel set up that you would use if you were turning a pen.

Anyway, this is the first time I'm going to try something like this. I was told that I should use CA glue to glue the brass tube into my blank. But, I shouldn't get the CA glue that's sold at the borgs -- rather, the CA glue available through Packard or CSA are of higher quality. Is this really true?

So, I'm looking through the catalogs, and I also learn today that there are different consistencies of CA glue -- thin, medium, and thick. Never knew that before. Which one would be best for this purpose?

I was also told about needing accelerant to help the CA glue set faster, and that's when I started getting a headache. Do I really need this accelerant stuff?

Finally, are there alternatives to CA glue that I could consider?

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