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AD: Thick Walnut & Ambrosia Maple For Sale

Ellis Walentine


Hi All,
I just lucked into several hundred board feet of Black Walnut that has been stored in a barn for the past 20 years, and decided to share it with my WoodCentral friends. You won't find nicer turning wood than that which has had a long, long time to air dry.
The walnut is $7.00/bf and can be purchased in 4"x4"x up to 4' long squares. I can cut 3"x3", 2"x2" or incremental dimensions in that range. In addition there are a number of 2"x6"x6", 2"x8"x8" bowl blanks and some 2" platter blanks that will range up to 18" in diameter. If you have any flat wood friends, there are also some 5/4 x 8" x 10' and 12' boards in this lot. Remember that the quantities are limited and when it's gone, it's gone.
In addition, for this very special sale, I have some nice Ambrosia Maple bowl blanks. I can do 4"x10"x10", 3"x8"x8", 3"x10"x10", 3"x12"x12" and 2"x8"x8". I also have some 3"x3" squares 10", 12" and 14" long. Price is $10.00/bf. This wood was sawed back in the summer and will come with ends waxed.
If you have an interest in other species, I currently have on hand limited quantities of Oak Burl, Ash, Pecan, Sycamore, Cherry, Honey Locust, Mimosa, Osage Orange, Holly, Hickory, African Mahogany, Dogwood, Mango, Black Locust, Camphor, Maple, Cypress and fresh cut Walnut in various dimension and configurations.
E-mail me for details or to order, or call me at 865-856-2833. I can accept all major credit cards except Discover and can also take payment via PayPal. I don't turn down cash or checks, either.
I guarantee all my wood against hidden defects that make it unusable. You keep the original piece and I'll send you another. You just pay the freight.
Also, for those who will be attending Arrowmont or John C. Campbell, I can arrange delivery while you are there for the cost of a little gasoline. It's a great way to save on shipping.

Gary Evans
Talasi Hardwoods
5823 Calderwood Hwy
Tallassee, TN 37878

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