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Hapless misadventures of an amateur turner - Long

Carol in Illinois
>so I was pretty proud of myself. I turned this lovely (to me, at least) covered bowl - not a box, a covered bowl. Cherry bottom, walnut top, cocobolo "handle" that picked up both those colors well... then I turned another bowl - hickory, I think the guy said... and then turned a pen out of pink ivory for my mother's birthday (she loved it) and started to turn a different kind of top for the hickory bowl, and... then my luck started to turn.

First, I got one whale of a catch in the lid - gouged one heck of a deep ouch in the lid. Damn! My fault, really... I was cutting in the wrong direction, and knew it. So I thought I would let that sit and rest while I pondered my navel. (I do better if I let problems incubate a while.)

Then, I went to ponder my more successful covered bowl... and it was GONE! That is, the bowl part was gone. There be the lid, sitting there in the enclosed curio cabinet, pretty as could be... with no bowl to be seen... spirited away as it were!

My older daughter, smart aleck that she is, suggested that I might have removed said bowl to use to inspire bowl #2. Damn. You _know_ she's right. Damn. I hate that. So I scoured every single place I might have sat or stood and pondered the thing... but can't find it. SHE scoured every single place I might have sat or stood and pondered the thing - and a few less likely places, as well.

Now, you know as well as I do that it's sitting somewhere perfectly obvious, right under my nose.

So where is it, huh?


Carol in Illinois

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