Turning Archive 2007

Faceplate and thread problems

Scott Walton
>Hello all,
I'd like to know any ideas to a problem I have. I need to make some larger platters on my old Craftsman's lathe. My problem is, the out bound side of the lathe is a 3/4" 16... yes, somewhat standard I know but it is a left hand thread! I have seen the LH threads for 1"-8 but not 3/4"-16.
If anyone knows of an attachment that is a 3/4"-16 (left hand thread)female, to a 1"-8 right hand male adapter so that I could use my chuck...!
I have tried the Sears part and service centers but they no longer have these parts of even 3/4"16 LH face plates for that matter!
Any ideas would be appreciated!

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