Turning Archive 2007

Band Saw Blades & problems *LINK*

tek-Brunswick, Ohio
>I have a delta 14" bandsaw with a riser block. It is a closed stand 1HP. model. I still haven't found a blade that works well for a long time for roughing turning blanks from wet wood. One problem is I think the 1 HP. motor is under powered for thick blanks. I've tried the Timberwolf and Highland Blades and don't think they last much longer than the much less expensive Olsen Blades. Has anyone tried the Supercut blades? They make carbon blades and also carbide impregnated blades. I also had the front trunnion break on me and could not keep the table level. I have a new one on the way. The trunnions are cast pot metal or white metal, Whatever you call it it's weak. I'm sure the saw would hold up for less aggressive woodworking, but I am not impressed with it's quality.

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