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A hard day of turning is still better than a good

john lucas
>day at work. I'm having one of those days where everything doesn't always go the way you want. All my mirrors went well until I got to the Oak handle. It had all sorts of internal checks. I had to turn 3 handles to get one good one.

Then I started a ornament for a lady in Atlanta. It is supposed to have a carve heart. The ball came out OK with some minor problems with checking on the bottom. This was easy to repair and will be most covered by the finial. The first finial was Padauk. Apparently it had some grain running out the side. As I was carving the heart I broke the finial. You could see how the grain ran out the side. It's hard to see the grain on this wood. Then I started a finial out of mahogony but decided that it was too small in diameter and didn't look right. I grabed a 3rd piece of wood and cut it 1 1/4 by 3/4 so I would have a larger area for the heart. That one came out OK. Hope I can get a photo before I send it off but I've got 3 really days coming up at work.

Hope the rest of the day goes better. I've got to start carving a center decoration out of Oak. I've been putting it off because I'm not a proficient carver. I get it done but it's never easy.

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A hard day of turning is still better than a good
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