Turning Archive 2007

Shop flooring question

Carole Valentine
>I am too old to keep working on a concrete slab and want a wood floor in my new shop. Right now it calls for two layers of 5/8" ply with the top layer laid opposite and overlapping the layer below. Not sure what the joist setup is but I will ask. I am a little concerned about vibration though my builder assures me it will be rock solid. He has build numerous shops including his own and he has some huge industrial equipment in there that weighs far more than any lathe I would ever own, BUT he does not have a lathe in there. I know that a lathe can cause unique vibrations. Has anyone done a floor like this and did you have any problems? I was wondering about some sort of damper sheet between the floor layers and if such a thing exists. Am I just a worry wort?

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