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Polishing rouge sticks

Joe Pack
>I stopped at a truck stop on my way home a couple of nights ago, mainly to stretch my legs and aching back. While I was walking around looking at the various merchandise I came across bars of compound labeled for use in polishing metals on trucks. They looked amazingly like the blocks of compound we use for buffing wood...a red/brown tripoli for coarse/medium polishing, white for fine polishing and green for final buffing. Instructions were to apply a SMALL amount to the buffing pad and apply light pressure "let the compound do the work..." The bars were 12" long, 2" wide, 2" high. The bars sold for $7.99 each compared to the typical $4-6 for the 4x2x1 bars sold at Woodcraft, Craft USA, etc.

Is it likely this is the same material as sold by Craft USA, Berea, Woodcraft , just in larger sizes?

I know it would take a LONG time to use up a 12" bar, but, if it is the same stuff, I get annoyed when I think about buying it the expensive way from a woodworking shop when it sells for a fraction of the cost at my nearby TA truck stop.

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