Turning Archive 2007

The new Wood Central

russ Fairfield
>There are a lot of complaints about the new Wood Central format. It seems to me that we have to remember that Wood Central is supported by advertisers. Yes, there are individual donations, but the advertisers still carry the biggest load. With the old format, it was possible to visit the site and read all of the messages without ever seeing any of the banner advertisements. Unless I started at the top of the thread, I never saw the banner ad. If I wanted to see an ad, I had to go looking for it.

I had an ad for awhile and I dropped it because it was all but invisible. If I never saw the ad, I had to assume that neither could anyone else. The new format makes the advertisers more visible without being intrusive.

The other thing about the new format is that the side-bar menu is there whether we want to see it or not. I don't know how many had previously used the option to not see it, but one of the most often asked question was where to find something because they weren't seeing the menu. Now there is no doubt about what features are here and where to find them.

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