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Remember the POND!

Alan Young
>It was several years ago now when Badger Pond was drained. When that happened the Pond Faithful were absolutely Lost and with out a home. I was not one of them but was certainly affected early on here at little ol' Wood Central when they managed to cling to enough Internet Life Rafts and secure them selves to Wood Central-which soon became their new home. The arrival of the Pond Faithful had a tremendous and immediate impact on Wood Central.

As the Pond survivors began washing up to this little boat out in the Internet Ocean, some Wood Central deck hands fell into the choppy "surf" and never came back.. some scurried to the inner bowels of the ship and waited out the storm.....however, most WC hands, attempted to reach out and help the Pond Faithful aboard. In my opinion this was an overwhelmingly successful rescue operation. Since then, the PF have done far more than drink from the waters of rescue..The have assimilated well and enabled this little boat to stabilize, then help re-rig the sails and let the ship head out into far deeper water than would have been possible without their arrival...

OK OK so what's the Point?

This new formatting of the WoodCentral Message Boards has perhaps caught some of us off guard- but please don't abandon ship---Our most excellent skipper and his gallant crew have re-rigged again to allow us to maintain and sail further onward. It may take a bit of bailing but we'll survive the squall.

Shipmate Young

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