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?'s 4 Allen Neighbors & others - inertia sanders

Carol - now in NC Nebraska
>My roller blade wheels have the inner race of the bearing proud of the wheel itself. Did you have that and what is the work around?

Also the outer edge of the wheel is rough and gritty from wear. Anyway I can pretty that up?

How long did you cut the all-thread rod? How much length is buried in the handle?

How did you cut the flip flop pad? Band saw? Hole saw? Did you get a smooth edge? If so, how?

Did you glue the flip flop pad directly on the wheel or did you cut out a plywood circle to glue on the wheel (which might solve the proud bearing issue)?

What kind of glue do you recommend to glue material (either the sponge rubber flip flop pad or wood) to the wheel?

What kind of glue for the hook material to the flip flop pad?

Which grits do you keep on hand?

Do you cut out sandpaper disks from H&L sheet stock? If so, what do you use as a cutter? Hole saw? Some sort of punch? Any comments on the wavy disks? Worth the money?

I am thinking of using a long carriage bolt with a locking nut instead of just gluing it in the wheel. If I round off the square shoulder and use a plywood disk between the flip flop pad and the wheel, I can bury the proud bearing and the carriage bolt head. Thoughts?

Thanks, folks. Play time in the garage today!

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?'s 4 Allen Neighbors & others - inertia sanders
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