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*** New Messageboard Format ***

Ellis Walentine
>Hi folks,

As you have seen by now, we've changed the way the messageboards look and feel. I won't go into all the reasons why we've made these changes; I just want you to getused to them and see if you agree that they are for the better.

The most evident thing you will see is that there are no frames anywhere on the 'boards anymore. Everyone gets to see the navigation (which itself has been restyled and made more efficient), and nobody has the horizontal frames anymore. The Sightings image is on the splash page where you enter the messageboards, so everyone can now see the sightings as well.

Another change we've made is to switch the default viewing mode to UBB Sort order. This is a feature we didn't use in the past because of bandwidth and responsiveness issues, as it is a bit more processor intensive when loading the index page. Now, it is so close to the other orders we decided to go for it. The advantage is that anytime somebody posts a reply to an old post, even if it has scrolled off the board, the whole thread comes back to the top of the list. This should serve to keep valuable discussions alive longer.

To navigate the new messageboards, I suggest you use the back button on your mouse (or, if you don't have one, the back button on your browser) to go back to the message index after reading a message. It is instantaneous that way -- no waiting for the message index to reload.

I'm going to be away from my computer on and off for the next several days, but I will check back to read your reactions and suggestions. This change is expected to be permanent, pending an even more up-to-date change in the board structure itself, but we are open to any and all suggestions. You can still use the "Set Preferences" link to go back to the Mixed Threaded Single Message display that we had until today.

Also, note that the three main boards have their archive links right in their message index page. All the boards have spam patrol and FAQ links in their gray navigation bars at the top of the page.

There may well be broken links and other unexpected fallout from this very complicated, wholesale change, but we will deal with such issues as they occur. Thanks for your patience. I hope you like the changes.

Ellis Walentine, Host

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*** New Messageboard Format ***
Re: *** New Messageboard Format ***
I liked the old format
Re: I liked the old format
Re: I liked the old format
Re: *** New Messageboard Format ***
A layout suggestion
Re: A layout suggestion
A good example *PIC*
ad infinitum LOL! *NM* *PIC*
Google ads - who has a problem? *PIC*
Google ads - I think I see the problem *LINK* *PIC*
No speed issues on dialup for me
* New Messageboard Format * I DON"T like it!
The easy way back...
Stick around, & use the Return to Index link...
Re: Stick around, & use the Return to Index link..
Love it....NOT slow at all
Use the UP-DOWN arrows...
Re: Use the UP-DOWN arrows...
got it... just another...
Re: Why not a modern forum structure
Re: *** New Messageboard Format ***
Pop Up Boxes
Re: *** New Messageboard Format ***
Sorry I don't like it and it is SLOW!!!! *NM*
I like everything but the RED boxes. *NM*
My opinion
I like it!!!
Re: *** New Messageboard Format ***
Still cannot edit the post??? *NM*
good with the bad
Re: good with the bad
somethings not working right *LINK*
somethings not working right, 2 *LINK*
something else not working right *PIC*
Re: 61 sec to read a one line post.
Re: *** New Messageboard Format ***
Re: *** New Messageboard Format ***
Re: *** New Messageboard Format ***
Re: *** New Messageboard Format ***
Thanks, Charlie. Duly noted. *NM*
Thanks Charlie... now we are gonna...
Podocarpus Revisted
Changing preferences don't stick *NM*
SO Slow
S L O W ... V E R Y S L O W *NM*
Adds by Google.....
Where are the pictures?
Firefox shows pictures for me *NM*
It worked for me.
Internet Explorer displays ...
Question regarding ads
Re: *** New Messageboard Format ***
Re: *** New Messageboard Format ***
Re: *** New Messageboard Format ***
So slow...
We're working on that *NM*
And I thought WoW was slow... *NM*
Re: So slow...
ditto on the super-slow
Painfully Slow
Ads extremely distracting,
Try Firefox...
Thank you!
Re: Google adds, put them all on the left...
Re: Google adds, put them all on the left...
Re: *** New Messageboard Format ***
Re: *** New Messageboard Format ***
Re: *** New Messageboard Format ***
Subscriptions are always an option...
Well said, Carol *NM*
Slower loading pages
I like it better.
Hmmm... I liked the view frame.
What about page sizing?
Mike, any chance....
Re: Mike, any chance....
Re: Mixed...
Done that...
Re: Mixed...
Re: Mixed...
John... I tried your suggestion...
will check that out. *NM*
Re: Mixed...
For every message I want to read?
Not For Every Thread
Re: *** New Messageboard Format ***
I like it!
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