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Great News!!! At the Works in Wood Exhibition. *PIC*

Andy DiPietro
>I was fortunate to be juried for this Exhibition. The requirements included submitting a maximum of four color slide pictures of my work and an artist statement and resume. I was told last month that all four of my largest hollow forms were selected and they asked me to supply three more. So Saturday night I had seven of my hollow forms at the Exhibition. See pictures below. The show was a great and I had a lot of my friends, family and friendly Woodturners show up.

Now the great part. I just started selling my hollow forms this year. This is my second showing and the larger of the two. Sunday I got a call from the gallery and I was told that a collector purchased six out of seven of my hollow forms!! After my intial shock I was told that the collector took the pieces already and I get to supply six more for the exhibit that only just started. Normally the purchaser has to wait till the show is over in Jan and they mark the pieces sold.

So needless to say I did not sleep too well last night and I am still on cloud nine. Just thought I would share my great news with everyone.

This piece is Black Walnut Crotch 15" high x 11" diameter.

Andy DiPietro

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