Turning Archive 2007

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>This is just a test
Havent turned the "I need a name" pen, that one was just a test to see if this might be possible.(It is being sent to a good friend.)
This one is just a test to see if I had to resort to toothpics.
(I don't)
I am posting four pictures to show the continuity of the pattern.
This started with a solid maple blank. The maple in this blank will not be seen in the finished pen(when I get around to turning it.Like I said this is just one more step in an evolution)
The"toothpics" are bloodwood I milled myself On a Grizzly contractors saw.I used a Freud Diablo blade 7&1/4.
I don't waste my money on plastic aids like the Gripper,I make my own jigs and fixtures.
There are 1440 sections of bloodwood "toothpics" individually glued in.
1532 pieces of Sauers black dyed veneer.
Various sacrificial pieces of maple and whatever fit.
I don't trust a glue up like this to anything but CA.Epoxy fails for me.
I have never been a fan of comic books or seen this particular movie but it reminds me of Spiderman.

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