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workshop heating

john lucas
>I know we've been through this a bunch of times but I just filled up my can of Kerosene and it cost me $18. I only get about 3 days of heating from that. last year it was about $14. Propane runs about $10 a bottle and heats for about 2 1/2 days but my heater doesn't put out as much heat as the Kerosene, at least totally warming the shop kind of heat.

At that expense I will only be able to heat the shop on the weekends. I've tried the smaller radiant heaters and they aren't bad if you are standing at the lathe but I tend to move around the shop a lot so I gradually just get colder and colder until I have to quit. Apparently I just don't tolerate the cold like I did when I was 20. At least I think I remember that far back.

Wood heat is out of the question from an insurance stand point. Electric heat is a long term goal but right now running a bigger line and box to the shop is not a possibility.

What do you all use. I'm heating a 24x24 foot area.

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