Turning Archive 2007

Rosand ringkeepers... *PIC*

Mike Stafford
>The first time I saw a picture of one of Robert Rosand's ringkeepers I did not know who turned it. I also did not know how large or small it was as the picture I saw had no sizes or objects to reference. I thought it was a hollowform turned in the shape of a carafe with a nice little stopper in the top.

Then a few months ago I was corresponding with Ed Moore about ornament turning and he sent me to Robert Rosand's site. There as I was exploring around was a tutorial on how to turn these little ringkeepers.

I had a piece of cocobolo that was rounded up for a box that when I examined it after rounding had a large crack on one end eliminating it from use as a box so I tossed it in the scrap box. Then after reading the tutorial I realized that it was perfect for a Rosand ringkeeper.

Here is my effort in cocobolo and Macassar ebony; approximately 2 1/2" in diameter and 4" tall.

I have made several of these for Christmas gifts to the ladies in my life. Comments appreciated...

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