Turning Archive 2007

Sort of OT Carnauba Wax Application.

Barry Irby
>I watch those shows on How Do they Make that. I think there are two or three of them and twice I have seen segments on making Candy. One was Jaw breakers and one was jelly Beans. (I think) In each case they had the product in a mixing drum that looks like a cement mixer and they would layer on color and flavors. In some cases these things ran for hours or even a day or more. At the end, the guy walked up to each one and threw in a pinch of powdered Carnauba was to give the product a nice sheen. This appeared to be a bushel or more of candy and they seemed to use way less than a teaspoon of wax. I buff bowls and things and I knew they put it on food, but I had no idea such a small amount of Carnauba would go so far. Just thought it was neat.

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