Turning Archive 2007

A interesting phone call this weekend

Doug Thompson near Cleveland
>It started like any other, questions about the tools and some turning talk but something was different. A precision custom built lathe, 4 foot diameter turnings and a flawless finish cut were some of the things mentioned. He placed a order and as I was writing down the last name it hit me like a rock who this was... Robert Hamada ... need I say more (I almost dropped the phone). We continued to talk for another hour as he described the native woods of Hawaii and his style of turning. He was most proud of the fact turning provided a way to send his children to the finest colleges in the country.

This is a quote from Wikipedia

Robert Hamada is a self-taught woodturner on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. His bowls are part of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Museum of Fine Arts, Detroit collections, have been exhibited in the Bangladesh embassy and are also part of numerous private collections. He is a Living Treasure for the State of Hawaii.

He kept saying you have to come to Hawaii. Come to think of it this might be a good time to go. My wife just spent 4 weeks in the hospital and she is now on the liver transplant list. It might be good for her.

What did he buy... a 3/8 V and U shape bowl gouge

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