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Angelfish bowl *PIC*

Dave Peebles Lyons, Ohio!
>A couple of weeks ago I was at a show where I was displaying my wares for sale.

This was the same show that our good friend Doug Thomson attended.

The crowd the first day was almost 2000 people. It was crazy to say the least. :)

I had about 30 pieces displayed on the table. Including some very small pieces of Big Leaf Maple burl that were turned with a Natural edge.

A lady came up to my table and asked me how I turned the Angelfish. I said... excuse me!! She said yes, that bowl that looks like an Angelfish!! She pointed it out to me and when I picked it up to look at it, She was right. It did look like an Angelfish.

I had turned that small bowl several months before, and had looked at it a hundred times and never saw the Angelfish.... But it does seem to be there. What do you think?

No real moral to this long story except that some times you truly can't see the forest for the trees.

I think this one I will keep for me. :)

Best wishes,

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