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Cat toys from olive wood?

Troy German
>I've noticed that my cats go nuts for olive wood. They lick and bite my hands if I've been working with it, and if I offer them a small piece it, they will jump and bat at it trying to get it from me. Once they have it they are entertained by it for days.

This gets me thinking. For those of you who sell things, one idea might be to make cat toys out of olive. I think a little paicifier shape on a string would be cute. They might sell well at craft fairs or a local pet store might be willing to carry them.

Anyway, this is just an idea I thought I'd pass along. I wonder if somebody is already doing this. Are there other woods that cause a similar frenzy in animals?


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Cat toys from olive wood?
Re: Cat toys from olive wood?
Have you tried...
Me too!
lilac as well
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