Turning Archive 2007

1/2 OT: Selling Stoppers on My Website?

Ruth Niles
>This may or may not be OT, just thought I'd play it safe.

There's a couple of pages on my website of bottle stoppers made by different woodturners (using my stainless steel bases, naturally!). I want to have another page on my site, "Gift Wine Bottle Stoppers" for those who want to sell their stoppers. I don't want anything for this, just want to put prices and contact info so anyone interested in buying would deal with the woodturner.

Thus and therefore, if anyone who already has pictures on my site and wants to sell, just email me. If anyone wants to sell but didn't send me pictures of their finished stoppers, what are you waiting for? huh? : )

What do I get out of this; fun, more traffic to my website with possibly more sales, bottle-stopper turners will like me. : O : )

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