Turning Archive 2007

Labonville Chaps work !!

Allen Neighbors
>Some of you are aware that I cut my knee with a chainsaw a few months ago. I then bought some chaps from Labonville. Today, I cut down a Bois d'Arc tree, and I cut a large limb off that didn't fall the way I thought it would (didn't see that a smaller limb entangled it).
I fell backwards, and though the chainsaw was decelerating, it hit my left thigh, and stopped dead. It cut through only the outer cover of the chaps... about a 2 1/2" slit.
I've been using a chainsaw, regularly, for about 15-20 years. These two accidents have happened within the last few months. Must be getting careless....
If you use a chainsaw, and don't have the chaps... you need to get some... and wear them.
I have always been too careful to get hurt... or at least I thought I was.

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