Turning Archive 2007

To quench or not to Quench *PIC*

john lucas
>While looking through my copy of The compete guide to sharpening by Leonard Lee I came upon this. I believe it's been quoted by Jerry Glaser as well. You can't argue with those guys by here's my take. I've been quenching tools for years, long before I ever read that you shouldn't. I've never noticed a problem with my tools. Now I don't heat my tools up to the point that they turn color. Not even straw color. I quench often in water to keep the tool below this level. This is below 400 degrees. That was just the way I was taught. I'm always willing to learn and take this article seriously but it's hard to fall back on the old ways and I'll probably keep on quenching. I'll just keep the tool as cool as possible.

Thought you all might find this interesting.

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