Turning Archive 2007

Bedan vs Skew

john lucas
>You peeked my interest this morning so I played with all my skews tonight. I turned lots of beads with skews sharpened to steeper and shallower angles and my bedan with the bevel up and bevel down.

I really love the new Thompson skew. You can definitely feel the difference in vibration reduction with a skew that is thicker. The thompson is 5/16" thick and the Bedan is a little thicker.

I turned beads with skews sharpened 30 degrees, 40 degrees and 55 degrees. The Bedan is 40 degrees. That's measured from bevel to bevel by the way. I find the 40 degree skew the easiest for me to control on beads. The 30 was easier on long planing cuts. The 55 degree is one I ground so I could turn steeper coves using the skew. It is definitely the hardest when turning beads.

The bedan is very hard for me to control with the bevel up on beads. It works fine on flat surfaces but I just feel more comfortable with the bevel down. That's probably because I learned using a standard skew.

I was turning a knotty piece of pine. I ran through the knots a bunch of times with my Sorby skew and the Thompson. Then I did some planing cuts again with both. The Thompson is still giving me curls while the Sorby was giving curls but not as large or as clean. This was just a simple test but it tells me the Thompson holds a keen edge longer than my HSS tool.

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