Turning Archive 2007

Douglas Fir Lamp *PIC*

john lucas
>This is the lamp I turned while in Chattanooga doing the demo. I stopped when the knot in the top bead got really wobbly. Then when I was doing the last cut on the base I force it and broke the dovetail on the bottom of the base. When I got home I decided it was worth saving so I returned the base slightly and got rid of the dovetail on the bottom. Then I put the spindle back on and stabilized the knot with CA. The wood was really dry and wanted to tear out badly so I soaked all the bad spots with thinned lacquer. I made 2 more really light cuts with the skew and it was perfect.

I think the lampshade is very important so I go to my local lamp shop and let them help me select the shade. They do this professionally so they know more about the sizes that are correct. They also sell different size harps to hold the shade so we can easily custom fit it. I did a test last year and made 4 lamps almost identical. I fitted 2 of them with black shades that were $30 apiece and 2 with black shades that were $12. To me they didn't look that different. The two with the expensive shades sold first.

I leave the plastic on the lampshade to protect it until I either give it away or sell it. just so you know that isn't a mistake. :)You would probably think I still have the plastic protector on my couch.

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