Turning Archive 2007

Way OT: For any telephone folks

Carole Valentine
>I am trying to figure out why my client's DSL service becomes unusable as soon as the sun goes down, stays that way all night, but is fine the next morning after the sun comes up! Nothing is turned off during the night, the router and modem are fine. This has been going on for two weeks tomorrow. He has spent a couple of hundred dollars on my service and untold hours on the phone with Verizon. Finally last night, I went over there and got on the phone with them. I won't go into details, but they really aggravated me. Finally, they agreed it must be something in the line and they would send a tech out Friday. Today, they called him and said the problem was fixed. At 5:00PM when the sun dropped below the trees, it was down again (connected but 50% or more lost packets which leads to constant timeouts). I am thinking that there is some sort of break in the line that expands when the sun hits it and closes the circuit but as soon as it cools down, it contracts and the break opens causing interference. Is this even remotely possible?

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