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Piano Wire + Dragon Fly = Interesting? *LINK* *PIC*

charlie belden
>Attached is another piece that involves two of my recent interests - multi-axis turning and piano wire to add actual movement to the finished piece. Also played with metalllic blue paint and gold leafing. I prefer the natural beauty of the wood, but when you're playing with a poplar dowel as your starting point, there isn't much in the wood to show off. Adding lacewood veneer wings is the show off the wood part of the piece. The base is turned from black walnut with areas "ebonized" with good old vinegar and rusty nails solution. Lots of tanin in walnut I guess cause it goes pretty black immediately.

The dragon fly body has a slight curve to it, done by turning a ball on the end of the blank and then chucking it up in a Nova2 chuck. Works sort of like the Escoulen ball chuck - not as precise - but free, assuming you already have a scroll chuck and can turn a ball on the end of a blank. (see included link).

The wings were kind of tricky. CN glued 0.015" diam. piano wire to the leading edge of each of the veneer wings. Not easy to do since the springy wire wants to be straight and the wing edge is curved, and not a simple constant curve. Nearly glued my fingers to a couple of the wings. Have since gone with copper wire of the same diameter. LOTS easier.

The wire on the wings is CN glued into small holes in the body of the dragon fly and provide a nice sail for adding movement. Since the dragon fly is attached to the landing stick by a piano wire slipped into a hole in the df's body, the dragon fly can rotate as well as move back and forth - sort of like it's hovering - about to land.

These things are fun to make and I suspect ladies would like them, especially if you did them in different colors - to match their decor. I suspect I'll be doing more of these sometime down the line now that I've got things figured out, more or less.

charlie belden

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Piano Wire + Dragon Fly = Interesting? *LINK* *PIC*
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