Turning Archive 2007

Hambones for turning

David Breth
>I spoke with a gentleman last night who has some red cedar stumps he's set aside for me. While on the phone, he asked a few turning questions, and told me his own experience from turning in the 1940's. He made baseball bats out of ash. Then he asked me about my bowls, specifically, he asked me if I boned them.

Come again?

He said when they made the bats, they would take a hambone, and press it against the bat while on the lathe, to "crush all the fibers down, so there was no cushion of air for the baseball, and it made the bats hard as H." He said when they came off the lathe, they were really smooth, and quite hard. You had to be careful not to push to hard or you could burn the wood with it, etc. Then he told me I had a lot to learn about turning, which is undoubtedly true, but I don't think I want to start doing that to my bowls.

I never heard of this technique, I'm guessing some of you who have been turning for a few decades have, but I thought it pretty interesting.

And I must say, it has taken every fiber of my being not to make coarse jokes within this post.

David B.

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