Turning Archive 2007

DC welcomes Bill Grumbine *PIC*

GaryG in MD
>The Big Man himself will be demonstrating on Thursday evening (7-9pm)in Rockville, MD for Montgomery County Woodturners
(see http://montgomerycountywoodturners.org/Map.aspx and
http://montgomerycountywoodturners.org/Documents/MCW%20Newsletter%202007-11.pdf ). We welcome guests and visitors. Please join us.

Bill will follow with a Workshop for Capital Area Woodturners on Friday, and another (different) demo for CAW on Saturday, in Alexandria, VA
(see www.capwoodturners.org and click on "current newsletter").

If you've seen Bill before, I know you'll want to do it again. If you haven't, you owe it to yourself to do so -- it's worth a bit of a drive if you can make it.

Here's a shot of Bill doing what he likes best -- making serious curls -- at the Towson, MD Woodcraft store, earlier this year.

Looking forward to seeing you, Bill. ...Gary

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