Turning Archive 2007

The View From Within *PIC*

Don Orr
>What do you get when you cross a woodturning fanatic and a radiologic technologist ?

You get some unique "insight" into a piece of wood. These are CAT Scan images of a maple burl I did a few years ago when I was still working in a hospital. I got called in one Saturday and just "hapened" to have this burl in my car. When my actual work was done I scanned the burl, just to see how it would come out. I got the idea from seeing the old plywood backboards under ER patients. I could easily see the different plys and grain of the wood. Soooooo.....

One of the best patients I ever scanned-stayed very still, no bodily fluids on me:eek:. You can clearly see the growth rings, the medullary rays that give it the "birdseye" effect, even air pockets and bark inclusions.

I have some other stuff somewhere too for another time.

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