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Laguna 18/47 *LINK*

Robert D. Macgregor
>Does anyone have any information (heck, I'll take opinions, too) about the new Laguna 18/47? If you spray painted it white, it would look a lot like a Jet, but has a couple of extra inches of swing and 5 inches more bed length than the Jet 1642, but is still in the same price range. The specs on the Laguna web site are a tad sketchy (they don't even tell the weight or spindle size), but another site said the production run of this made-in-China machine would have 1 1/4 x 8tpi spindle rather than the metric 33-3.5 on the first batch.
Anyway, it looks like it might be welcome competition for the Jet 1642 and fit a niche between it and the PM3520B.

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Laguna 18/47 *LINK*
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