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Gold Country Turners Strikes It Rich?? *PIC*

Ed Larson
>Today the Gold Country Turners (Grass Valley/Nevada City CA the heart of the CA gold strike of the 1850's) made a major wood strike. Brad found this major wood find of well seasoned redwood that had been collected from the shores of Norther CA over the years and was going to be sent to the dump or burn pile. Fifteen of our members (half the club) showed up with three trailers and several pickup to recover the wood. The picture shows one trailer load (about 30-40% for the strike).

Is it a gold strike??? or fools gold?? Time will tell. Will keep you informed.

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Gold Country Turners Strikes It Rich?? *PIC*
Sweet haul
Looks like the mother load *NM*
Re: Gold Country Turners Strikes It Rich??
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