Turning Archive 2007

A great weekend

Steven Kubien
>I just wanted to say THANKS to Bill Grumbine for hosting a small gathering at his place this weekend. This was my first trip to Bill's and certainly won't be my last. I travelled with Steve Mushinski as we live really close by. Thanks Steve! I think the offical reason for the get-together was to christen the new lathe (and we did) but I saw it as an opportunity to meet some fellow turners, both from Woodcentral and other forums. Dominic, Andy, Ellis, Bill, Joe and everybody else, thanks for making me feel welcome. It was a pleasure.

As for the lathe itself... well, we mounted a large wet maple blank (40lbs? 50? not sure. Someone chime in) and got it spinning at about 600rpm (or was it 800? More chimes please). You couldn't hear the lathe unless you were beside it. It passed the nickel test (but failed with a loonie). We all had a go with a fresh 3/4" Thompson gouge and I can only describe my feeling as "confidence". I knew I could continue taking 1" fat shavings and not slow down. Awesome.

Thanks again everybody!

Steve Kubien
Ajax, Ontario

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