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Heretical - Turning - Possible? *PIC*

Heretical - Turning - Possible?
>Though the actual turning is very dynamic, the
end result is typically static. You can exploit
the grain pattern of the wood, dye it, slice it
and/or dice it, pierce it, texture it - hell you
can paint flames on it - but it's still in fact
static. Some of Escoulen's pieces look like
just stopped moving - but they're static.

I want things to move AFTER the turning is
done. Have tried counter balanced ball and
sockets for a pendulum effect, turned pieces
with low primary stability but high secondary
stability (think Blow Up Punch Me Guy with
sand in the base - tipsy but always rights itself - or google Super Egg aks Hyper Ellips-

Lately I've been playing with piano wire - the
0.015" diameter stuff - every springy. With
the right use parts of a turned piece can have
actual movement initiated by just a little puff
of air. Attached is the latest application
"Nail On The Head" - the second in a Cliche
Series. Everything but the piano wire was
turned. Have a turned dragon fly hovering
over a grape twig mounted on a turned base.
Still working out the wings - which will also use
piano wire.

My question is
Is using piano wire heretical in the turning
world? Is it even possible to be a heretic
when it comes to turning - the Wild West
of Woodworking?

charlie belden

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