Turning Archive 2007

High marks for Kelton Industries

Craig Daymon
>When Craft Supplies had their 20% off everything sale, I bought the Kelton hollowing rig (and the laser attachment) which was already on close-out sale.

Well, I got around to trying to put it together the other day and thought (incorrectly as it turns out) that I was missing a few bolts. So I sent them an e-mail via their web site. Well, before the day was out I received a call from Mr. Kel himself offering to help resolve the issue. I wasn't home for the first call, so he said he'd call again on Saturday. He did and we resolved the issue.

This, in general, is good customer support, but add to it that I live in Pennsylvania (USA) and he was calling from New Zealand!

I guess with current phone technology a customer support call from around the world is not what it would have been 20 years ago, but I was still very impressed.


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